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Mini Fix Pack

It allows you to benefit from our services included in our minifix package, which every house needs, with the contracted services included in Benefit Global's Service Network, free of charge for 1 time.

Benefit white goods assembly / disassembly service

Free assembly / disassembly service is provided for white goods that are in working condition and not covered by the warranty, such as washing machines, dryers, televisions, ovens, aspirators, cooker, refrigerator, deep freezer, and hoods.

Benefit electrical installation service

Electrical switch, interior doorbell, socket, fluorescent, electrical sockets, door automat set operations are provided free of charge.

Benefit accessory assembly service

Towel hangers, soap dish, paper hangers, cornice mounting, roller blinds, shelf assemblies as a part or as a whole, wooden furniture accessory assemblies (handle, drawer arm, etc.), painting, installation of products hanging on the wall (documents, ornaments, etc.). ) is provided free of charge.

Benefit chandelier assembly service

The installation service of chandeliers, sconces and lighting fixtures that do not require special connections is provided free of charge.