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Child Development Counseling Savings Plan

With the developing technology and opportunities; The understanding of going to school by shuttle service, using elevators, remote control devices, long working hours for exams, apartment life without green areas, dealing with other lessons instead of sports lessons decreased the mobility capacity of children. Along with sedentary life, the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, neuromuscular system, psychosocial development, body composition and flexibility are also negatively affected. For this reason, increasing movement and reducing inactivity should be among the basic strategies both for childhood and for the prevention of many diseases whose foundations are laid in childhood. For a healthy life, musculoskeletal health, joint health, it needs a certain muscle balance and muscle strength endurance.

The services in the following items are provided free of charge twice a year as testing, evaluation, training programs and result evaluation. Up to 50% discount per session is applied for ongoing services.

Service content:

  • Body composition and functional movement capacity measurement
  • Cardiovascular endurance measurement
  • Muscular strength measurement
  • Flexibility measurement
  • Exercises program according to body composition and functional movement deficiencies
  • Interpretation of cardiovascular endurance results and exercise recommendations
  • Exercise recommendations and guidance that may be required according to posture disorders
  • Flexibility study program