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Dental Health Savings Plan

It allows you to protect yourself and your family from the burden of all health expenses regarding oral and dental health. Thanks to the Benefit Dental Health Plan, there are no difficult procedures, forms, limits, exemptions that are surprising at the time of service procurement, imposed on services that are not covered by insurance! In more than 170 dental treatments including surgical applications; Thanks to the BENEFIT DENTAL HEALTH PLAN, you can achieve significant savings on your oral and dental health expenses, with discounts of 25% to 30% compared to the average market conditions, free examination, check-up, imaging, tartar removal applications. In addition, other dental services that are not included in the plans are provided from the Turkish Dental Association (TDB) base price tariff.

We offer 3 different packages within the framework of dental savings plans, the services included in the package are provided free of charge to the beneficiaries for 1 time per year.

Dentist examination X X X
Detertraj (tartar removal- lower and upper jaw) X X X
Dental x-ray (periapical-single tooth) X X X
Filling (1 piece or root canal treatment 1 piece) X
Local flour application (Full Jaw) X X
Fallen crown and bridge cementation (for each fixed member) X X
Occlusal abrasions (lower and upper jaw) X X
Occlusion correction (two jaws) X X
Bite-wing radiography X X
Consultation X X
Control physician's examination X X
Local anesthesia (injection - infiltrative) X X
Local anesthesia (regional) X X
Oral hygiene training X X
Diagnosis and treatment planning X X
Specialist dentist consultation X X
Specialist dentist examination X X
Vitality control X X
Filling removal (single tooth) X X