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We Are At Your Service With The Advantageous Conditions And Quality Of Being A Leader.

Health Solution

In Health Solutions; free examinations, tests and sessions are offered within the framework of the content of the preferred savings plan.


Housing/Workplace Solutions

Benefit Housing / Workplace Savings Plan is in partnership with a wide range of over 100 organizations in Turkey.


Life Solutions

Benefit Global, which has adopted the principle of facilitating the lives of individuals in every moment of life and providing quality service under suitable conditions in the areas they need, supports it with extensive cooperation.


Automotive Solutions

At the contracted institutions within the Benefit service network, the Vehicle Check-up service consisting of 52 items including Tire and Wheel Checks, Engine Compartment Controls, Electrical Function Controls and other controls is provided free of charge once a year.


Benefit Global Your Trusted Partner

Industry Leader

As a leading service provider company in the world and in Turkey for more than 15 years, it has been serving more than 6,000,000 customers and 95% of the insured people in Turkey.

Call Center Service

With our in-house call center service, we can continuously monitor and manage the process and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Reporting System

With our advanced CRM system, we can present the requested reports in the requested details and customize them according to the desired criteria.