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Valet Service

Private chauffeur services are provided free of charge at contracted institutions within the Benefit Global Service Network, provided that they stay within the 50 km limit once a year.

Special conditions:

  • In order to benefit from the Private Chauffeur Valet Service, an appointment must be made by calling the Benefit Call Center at least 2 hours before using the service.
  • At the appointment stage, the Private Driver can wait for the insured for the first 15 minutes as of the agreed time for the use of the service. However, if the waiting time exceeds 15 minutes, the waiting fee will be covered by the policyholder.
  • Private Chauffeur Valet Service usage is valid in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir provinces and will also be valid in Bodrum and Çeşme districts in summer. This service cannot be provided except for the specified provinces and districts.
  • The relevant service is only available for private and Jeep-style vehicles.
  • In order to cancel or change the appointment, you must first call the Benefit Call Center at least 1 hour in advance.