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Educational Coaching and Consulting Plan

Student Coaching; It is a collaboration between student and coach in order to increase the skills of achievement in academic life.

The purpose of Student Coaching; It is to direct and motivate the student in line with his goals and to enable him to cope with the difficulties he has experienced in this process. The Student Coach supports the student in achieving the goals, increases the motivation for learning, enables the student to achieve their academic efforts and develops the skills they need. By focusing on the student, it works together with the student and family to increase the desire of the student to succeed.

With the Benefit Education Consultancy and Coaching Savings Plan, besides the student coaching service, we provide the most accurate and up-to-date information that will help the students who are planning to go abroad to make their decisions and all the processes they will go through (school application, registration, visa, travel, accommodation ), services are received from leading consultancy companies in order to manage on behalf of students. In this context, Turkey's free educational counseling to students who will go to any point of the educational goals and are given discounted services anywhere in the world.