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Benefit Global, which is the first in Turkey and develops products on savings plans, is contracted with the world's leading insurance companies, pension and bank groups as the leader of the sector it serves and serves more than 9,000,000 customers within its structure. It is leading the insurance sector in this field in Turkey with the assistant products and innovations its has brought.

Benefit Global, headquartered in Istanbul, makes individuals a part of a purchasing system when purchasing services and products that they cannot avoid spending in their daily lives and which are critical for themselves and their living standards. And in this way, it has accepted as its vision the aim of eliminating or relieving the burden of their expenditures by ensuring that they have these services and products with the assurance of high quality and brand standards generally accepted by the society, free of charge, with attractive discounts and appropriate payment terms. By providing advanced assistance services to insurance, assistance and claims contractor companies, it promises highly efficient, responsible and sustainable savings solutions.

Benefit Global, its services; high quality hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, technical services, engineering firms, private practice, veterinarians, auto care services, healthy care centers, carpet washing-dry cleaning services, legal consultancy offices and online agricultural and agricultural control services, doctor valuation, dietitian and psychologist services and personal development and various trainings etc. It is an assistance company that provides free or discounted services in many different areas such as Savings Plans, with the effective management of its giant service provider network consisting of more than 5,600 contracted institutions all over Turkey.

Benefit Global serves as a coordination base in constant close contact with customers and service providers, with these services provided 24/7, cost control and management of numerous similar assistance solutions. It serves its customers with its call center located in two separate locations and with a total of 67 employees. With its unique service, Benefit Global provides assistance services with the most comprehensive product range not only in Turkey but also in the world, with a file volume of 186,000 cases per year.