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Established in 2007, Benefit Global provides the services and products that individuals cannot avoid spending in their daily lives and that are critical to themselves and their living standards, by making them a part of a purchasing system, by making them a part of a purchasing system, with the generally accepted high quality and brand standard It is an organization that operates with the aim of eliminating or alleviating the burden of their expenditures by ensuring that they have free, attractive discounts and suitable payment terms.

Benefit Global, infrastructure, bringing the content and information abroad owned Benefit Savings Plan for adaptation to Turkey, Call Center Management Organizations across Turkey widespread and still being founded designed to manage the extensive network and business infrastructure is operating through a web based custom application platform .

Performing a first in Turkey, which develops products Savings Plans on Global Benefit; Having a customer portfolio of over 6,000,000 and its customers; Health, Dental, Eye-Ear Discount Plan, Free Eye Pack, Optical Products, Medicine, Dietician, Psychologist, Car Care, Wellness Centers (Sports), Education, Legal Consulting, Carpet Cleaning-Dry Cleaning, Seat Washing, Combi-Air Conditioning In addition to Care, Tradesman Package, Shopping Discount Plan, Pest Cleaning, Workplace Cleaning, Personal Assistant Package, Mini Assistance Package, and advantageous Check-up packages, it provides advantages with benefit plans that are still being prepared in many areas.

Benefit Global customers all over Turkey and Cyprus, serves high quality and brand assurance standards generally accepted in the society.